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14/03/18, I moved to Melbourne.
At first, I was planning to settle down in Perth, find a job and live for a long. But I thought the city of Perth is a bit small and it might be hard to find a job. Which means it is limited what I can do out there. Moreover, the big reason of the movement is Perth is too hot for me. And I heard when you go to more south side, the climate is cooler.
I decided to go to a bigger city and got two options. One is Sydney, and the other one is Melbourne. I felt like Sydney is too urban for me, so I chose going to Melbourne that is the second biggest city in Australia.

Perth/ パース

April 1, 2018 — Leave a comment
ダウンタウンを歩くと平日の日中でも多くの人を見かけた。ダウンタウンの岸から眺める景色は素晴らしかった。ダウンタウンから電車で30分ぐらいのところのFremantle にはBathers Bayというビーチがあり、そこは水が透き通っていてとても綺麗だった。
For a week from 08/03/18 to 14/03/18, I was in Perth, Australia where is West side Australia. I have heard that Perth has been chosen one of the most beautiful cities in the world and lots of nature left and very quiet city. So I expected Perth would be a perfect city for me who do not prefer a big, busy city.
First impression of Perth is Hot. Although March is about the end of summer in Australia. Perhaps because of the hot climate, the cityscape of Perth seems like the Philippines or tropical countries for me. There were only houses and nothing else near the place where I was staying out there, I had to walk down to a train station for 20 minutes under the sun. That was really hot and I got sweat a lot by just walking to the station to get to the central city.
There were many people in downtown even in weekdays. Not as much as Vancouver though. The view from the shore of downtown was so nice. There is a Bathers Bay Beach in Fremantle where is about 30 minutes by a train from downtown. The water was so clear and the beach was so clean. That was spot beautiful.
My personal best thing in Perth is a movie thicket is everyday just $10. How wonderful it is.
Out of downtown in Perth, it is so quiet and there is not much things. But I thought it is a great place for living peacefully. But I felt I prefer coldness than hotness.