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It’s been a month since I left Peru.
The initial plan in Peru was to work while refining my Spanish and to stay there about 4 or 5 months. But from the very first day, the employee who had decided to hire me as a babysitter since 2 months ago didn’t appear in the meeting place. The fact is I had no plans except that babysitter job. So I had been staying at guest houses all time in Peru. As a result, I decided to study as I had previously written in my blog.
Tourism is more prosperous out there than I thought. That seemed to be entirely counting on the tourism industry. The center of Cuzco was full of foreign tourists every day. That many people would visit Machu Picchu. Even though foreigners were overflowing, I didn’t see any contact between local Peruvians and foreigners except for the purposes of business. Peru’s prices are considerably cheaper compared to the United States and Canada. In places for tourists, of course, pricing is for them, not for local people. Speaking of restaurants, it costs more than three times than local restaurant. There is a huge gap between pricing for foreigners and locals. First of all, local people will not enter such tourist shops. So the stores used by local people and the stores used by tourists are completely different. Local people desperately try to get some money from tourists such as inducing massage, souvenirs, anywhere in the central of Cusco.
Cusco is quite famous for antiquities, most of tourists will come for them. There are antiquities everywhere in the city, but everywhere It considerably costs high entrance fee. I was quite surprised when I heard the price of the most famous Machu Picchu. Together with entrance fee and transportation fee, It cost at least US$300 or more per person. Even for tourists, it’s not cheap amount. It would be a tremendous amount for local people. I was one of the poor backpackers and I wasn’t also interested in the ruins, moreover I did not feel like going to pay that price alone. So after all it was nearly two weeks in Cuzco, I have never been any antiquities even Machu Picchu.
It costed a lot staying there rather than I thought, I couldn’t find a job with my poor Spanish language skill which is beginner level, the atmosphere like specializing by tourism industry didn’t suit, more various things affected and after all I decided to leave Peru. Additionally, for the last few days, I got sick by the climate and elevation of Cusco and I was in the bed all the time.
Peru is completely different from any other countries I have been, and was very attractive. Maybe Peru has many ruins of such historical backgrounds Besides. There are many places to visit in Peru, next time I want to travel from top to bottom.
I also went to Cusco and had a wonderful encounter. That person was one of the early childhood educator same as me. She has her own educational theory and which is totally impressive. In truth, I wanted to volunteer at her daycare and wanted to learn about her educational theory, but after thinking variously, I decided to give up to do that this time. However, I’d like to visit Cusco again and learn about her educational theory next time.



This time I’d like to introduce workaway site.
Unless you are a super rich aristocrat, you probably show know about this site before you travel. If you use this site, you would be able to travel around the world at no cost except transportation cost.
First of all, the mechanism consists of the host (host) side that offers accommodation and meals, and Workawayer (workawayer) that provides hours of work times for accommodation and meals.
Of course it is not a perfect convenient and easy way to get all meals and lodgings for all free. The host side want any helps for a hostel management, a person making a meal, helping a website creation, helping a house construction, a child’s babysitter, a language teaching activity, a gardening, etc. It really depends on needs of host side and they seek for temporary help. In addition, many hosts expect to interact with people from other countries and having different background and stories, not just want people to work. Some hosts want to improve their second language such as English or French or whatever they want through having conversation with workawayers. So interaction is one of big main parts to do workaway.
Many backpackers want to keep expenses as low as possible in workway work, but not only that, also they want to work closely with local people to get a new experience and to know the place, culture, people. If you want to just stay for free, you better to use Couch surfing.
In my opinion, it’s hard to get a local job in the countries where you go within your travel. For example, because of  visa issues. Workaway is not an official job, so you can not receive salary legally, but if you think like that you are working and making the cost free to have meals and accommodation, you could regard you are working and earning money. That’s my opinion though.
But you can’t save money with workaway, so I think it is hard to live in that country for the rest of your life, but for those who want to travel around the world or those who want to explore the world, you could probably travel without any cost except transportation. It’s surely possible.
But it’s a challenge to use workaway, whether the Host is compatible with you or not, what kind of work you actually do. Everything you’ll see when you get the actual place. But it’s an exciting part, isn’t it?
About my experiences actually living now with using workaway will be introduced in ~ part 2 ~. If you got interested, please check the site. URL is right below.


workawayを使って今生きている僕の経験談については~part 2~で紹介。