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It’s been a couple months to upload my blog.
In fact, in the past 2 months, I was back in Vancouver where I was used to. I applied for a working holiday visa, but I did not know whether I can stay for a long until visa comes. And also I wanted to spend some time thinking alone. So I did not contact all friends in Van since I got back.
I was planning to work as an ece (early childhood educator) again for a while. While I was waiting for the visa, I was researching about where I work,and I was occasionally asked for a babysitter and I helped my fiend’s daycare sometimes. I thought that Canada ‘s working holiday visa comes down quickly, but that did not happen and I had to leave by the expiration day of the last visa. So I was thinking a lot about where I will go next. After researching countries where working holiday visa can be taken, I decided to go to Australia. Because Australia allows to get a visa by online and that takes really quickly and easily. So I could come without returning to Japan once. According to my research, prices are a bit high in Australia, but the hourly wages are quite good, so I could save some money. I was always thinking that I want to go to Australia one day, so I thought it was the timing.
Actually, I was also thinking going back to Japan for a while, stay at my friend’s house and work for a half year for saving money. So I told that my mother. But she said, “Once you return to Japan, you will forget English and Spanish that you learned, so do not come back to Japan. Go either in French or Spanish or wherever you can get a visa and stay. Go to another country and stay abroad. ” Suddenly It seemed foolish thatI was having a heady idea of ​​whether she would be pleased when I tell her coming back to home country after a long absence. About three years ago, it was her who strongly pushed my back when I first decided to go to the Philippines, for the first time of going abroad.