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From 08/31, I came to a small town called Pital in the district of Columbia’s Huila.

From the capital city of Bogota to the Neiva airport via the domestic flight. Pital is located  in southern Huila, 100 km further from the airport of Nea.
Approximately 3000 people live in this town. There is just 2 schools,  one is public and the other on is private school. This town are surrounded by mountains, and the nearest neighbor town is about 4 km away.

There is no Japanese, Asian people, even tourists are totally rarely visited.

I started to volunteer as a English teacher at the schools in this town.

I got here through the site called “workaway”.

The site called workaway is offering a system which is travellers such as a backpacker who provides a few hours of labor time and receive accommodation and meals for free from hosts.

When I was thinking about various things in Uruguay, I was searching for volunteer offers in Colombia by workaway and found the offer for this occasion.

A Colombian couple who are hosts of me, is a local Colombian English teacher. They want to give an opportunity to talk to English to people who speak English and from other countries for students whose English level is very low and luck of motivation about English, and keep students’ motivation up. The Colombian couple is trying to encourage local students to learn English for their future and country.

Personally, I want to see and learn various national education with this my own. For those my purpose, I thought that this is a very rare opportunity to be a part of member in the local school.

Some people may think volunteer is a kind of meaningful because no pay provided. But It’s really hard to observe a local school without connection in the community or country where you’re going, moreover if you are outsider for the community, that would be harder, because you are unfamiliar and don’t have trust from communities. In case you want to get pay for work at a public school, you would need to take a qualification of a teacher of that country.

In these days, you need to pay a high cost to a organization or management group for applying volunteer work. So this offer which is accommodation and meals provided is a quite lucky opportunity, I think.



For the second time in Uruguay, I was planning to stay for more than half a year for studying. But, as I thought about it for a month after visiting Jose Mujica once, as a result of considering for a month, I decided to teach English at an elementary school in a small town 500 km away from capital city in Colombia from August 31.

Why Colombia? Cos I’ve been studying Spanish by myself in this whole month, frankly I got tired. First of all, I couldn’t concentrate on studying at a hostel where is like a club all day, and the library isn’t open on weekends and my daily movement is the hostel to the library for caring about money so much.   Also, I miss kids.

For the first reason is that I didn’t feel excited to be in Uruguay, it’s from the beginning when I arrived.

And I thought that it was meaningless even if I studied alone in the hostel thinking only about saving money, and I started searching for volunteer or jobs in South America. And it may seem like a very dangerous idea, but I am a very curious realism person which means I wanna see anything by my eyes and believe what I can see. So my crazy curious of Colombia came up from one TV show that is Netflix’s Narcos. Since I’ve known about Pablo Escobar, I have a strong impulse to go to see Colombia where he was born.

When I was looking for something to do with children in Colombia, I got the job offer to be an English teacher.

What I think is the most important thing and my curiosity is education. I want to know education systems and children in various countries. So this offer was a perfect opportunity to be able to see both the local public school and private school system. The feeling that I want to work with children more than anything else.
In the field, the schools are having a problem that is students have lack of opportunities to speak English. Because it’s quite rare tourists and people from overseas visit the town. And now, they have no volunteers and I got this offer, I’m not a native speaker though.

For me, it’s a big challenge. I don’t think my English level is low, but the way to get to a native level is still far away. In such circumstances, this opportunity to teach English to the students at schools is also a great opportunity for me to study English again finely. And also my Spanish is quite poor, so many difficult part might appear such as miscommunication or shortage of explanation. But I am so excited to do the new thing that is to teach english in outback of Colombian where is no foreigners especially Asians. I don’t think people over there have seen any Asians.

I’m planning to stay for two or three months over there. It’s totally up to an immigration officer how many days they give to my visa.

I will study Spanish, English learning, Colombian education, school system, and the history of Colombia where Pablo were born.

After Colombia, I could take a babysitter job offer in Cusco, Peru, so I will go straight to Peru, and would stay for about 3 months. And then I’ll come back to Uruguay next February or March. On the 3 visit to Uruguay, I’ll try to study under Jose Mujica.





そして、このままウルグアイで金の節約のことばかり考えてホステルで1人で勉強していてもあまり意味がないと思い、南米でボランティアかジョブを探し始めた。そして、結構危ない考えと思われるかもしれないけど、僕は何事もこの目で見ないと気が済まない性格で、NetflixのNarcosでPablo Escobarを知ってからコロンビアに行ってみたいという衝動が強かった。








In the field of ECE(Early Childhood Education), many people volunteer while going to school for seeking jobs after graduating from school. Because it’s a quite sure way to gain trust through volunteers and get jobs. It ‘s a kind of internship.

After I entered school for about 3 months, I started volunteering by my friends’ introduction since I got accustomed to school. I got a job offer from a preschool, which was in conjunction with a daycare that I was volunteering, and I’ve worked at the preschool for a year.

I occasionally worked as a on-call staff at the daycare where I was volunteering. I’ve worked at the preschool for one year, three months at one daycare, one and a half months with a different daycare.
Experience and trust are particularly important here than resume. It is very important to get jobs smoothly. Everything that I worked on was all introduced by my friends.

I focused more on observation various daycare than working long in the same place. Through the curriculum of the ECE program, there were many opportunities to visit daycares by observation and practical training, and I was able to see nearly 20 different places.

The difference between volunteering and actually getting paid is  heavy responsibility. Volunteer is totally up to a day care, what you can do and what you can learn. There are various experiences, and sometimes it is used for being overworked and challenged. But mainly volunteer students can not take responsibility, so I couldn’t help other teachers such as taking their part of jobs. Basically I was playing with children.

I’ve worked in the position of a teacher and I felt the difficulty as a real paid worker. As a volunteer, I can spend a lot of time with each child while playing with a child, but when I become a teacher I have to steer a class with dozens of children, if I look around the whole thing, I am having less time with each child. Especially there are more children in a class. I’ve also worked at a Family Daycares (It’s to keep children up to 6 to 8 at home) and I could get more time with each child, I prefer to have a small group. But It’s rally fun to play with dozens of children in a group day care, but it is very hard to take care of all of them.

初めに、日本では馴染みの無いカナダ(広く言えば英語圏全般)の保育園、幼稚園について少し説明したいと思う。日本でいう保育園は、英語圏ではDaycare(デイケア)、幼稚園はPreschool(プリスクール)。デイケアは1日保育で、プリスクールは1日最大で4時間まで、主に学習をメインとしている。こっちでは、5歳までは特に子供をどこかに預けなくてはいけないという義務はなく、基本的に親が仕事で家にいないと子供を預けて、平日で仕事の休みがある家庭は週に2、3日だけとか子供を預けたい日だけ預け、できるだけ親と過ごせる時間は平日であっても、子供は親といることが多い。プリスクールは基本的に半日保育だから、通う親は時間に融通の利く人が多い。プリスクールとデイケアで資格は別れてはいなく、同じ資格(Early Childhood Educator CertificateかEarly Childhood Educator Assistant Certificate)で働くことができる。資格にも大学卒かカレッジ(専門学校)卒か多少の違いはあるけれど、資格自体は一緒だから僕の知る限りではカレッジで早く資格を取ってる人が大多数。専門の職業だから、日本みたいに大学卒かどうかなんてうるさくない。興味がある人は調べてみて。







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