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It’s been a couple months to upload my blog.
In fact, in the past 2 months, I was back in Vancouver where I was used to. I applied for a working holiday visa, but I did not know whether I can stay for a long until visa comes. And also I wanted to spend some time thinking alone. So I did not contact all friends in Van since I got back.
I was planning to work as an ece (early childhood educator) again for a while. While I was waiting for the visa, I was researching about where I work,and I was occasionally asked for a babysitter and I helped my fiend’s daycare sometimes. I thought that Canada ‘s working holiday visa comes down quickly, but that did not happen and I had to leave by the expiration day of the last visa. So I was thinking a lot about where I will go next. After researching countries where working holiday visa can be taken, I decided to go to Australia. Because Australia allows to get a visa by online and that takes really quickly and easily. So I could come without returning to Japan once. According to my research, prices are a bit high in Australia, but the hourly wages are quite good, so I could save some money. I was always thinking that I want to go to Australia one day, so I thought it was the timing.
Actually, I was also thinking going back to Japan for a while, stay at my friend’s house and work for a half year for saving money. So I told that my mother. But she said, “Once you return to Japan, you will forget English and Spanish that you learned, so do not come back to Japan. Go either in French or Spanish or wherever you can get a visa and stay. Go to another country and stay abroad. ” Suddenly It seemed foolish thatI was having a heady idea of ​​whether she would be pleased when I tell her coming back to home country after a long absence. About three years ago, it was her who strongly pushed my back when I first decided to go to the Philippines, for the first time of going abroad.


It may be England that you first imagine when you hear London (I did), but I have been in London, Ontario, Canada. About 3 hours away from Toronto. You can also go from London to Detroit in the United States in about three hours.
I think that there are some people who think of London is Justin Bieber’s hometown (I was one of them), but when I asked a Canadian, Justin was born as a hospital in London but as soon as he was born, he moved to Stratford which is just an hour away from London. So Justin is not a Londoner (a person who is born in London).
The town is very quiet, downtown is also quite small compared to Vancouver and Toronto. However, there are two big shopping malls, so you do not have to worry about shopping. It seems that there are many retired people live there. Those who retire and want to live quietly in order to spend their old age. So I have seen lots of old people. Because of that, it was very peaceful and people were kind, and I felt like time was passing slowly. I do not want to live in too much rural or also too countryside with nothing there. I do not like people in Tokyo and Toronto who are chased by time and cold. That’s why London was very comfortable for me. However, the problem was there are few buses. That is a difficulty. I had to walk 20 minutes to the nearest bus stop and wait for mostly 30 minutes for a bus. Canada’s winter in the east side is rather tough. The average temperature in winter in London is minus 10 degrees or less. While walking in the snowstorm at -15, it is rather tough to walk the snow road and wait for the bus. How jealous I felt to those people who uses only a car everyday… Well, it was a good experience for me to feel the taste of winter in Canada compare to Vancouver ‘s warm  climate.
Following 2 months in London, considering transportation, work and network, I finally decided to leave London and going back to Vancouver. I thought it would be the best for me for now.



I got an invitation from a teacher at a school, and I participated in the event “You Go! Global Leaders” for international students.
Many native Canadians were also participated.
I sat down at the same seat with the native Canadian of the school administrative staff and the KIng’s college students, so I was able to talk with a local student and a school staff .
For me who is new to the campus and this town, not a university student there, it was a very good opportunity to participate in the atmosphere of the local university and local students.
To be honest, the former politician Olivia Chow and a banker Jay Zhang actually did not come, as the main guest speaker who entered in the first half. Olivia Chow she talked on Skype and Jay Zhang he was recorded video. I think that Olivia who was on Skype talked a very good story, but because of poor audio, nobody who participated there couldn’t catch all words what she said. The video was better than Skype. However, as my frank impression, if there is something to tell firmly, you should talk face to face, actually right in front of people who are listening to. Because I don’t feel passion from the speaker on screen. I was a little disappointed in its first Skype. However, gladly, for the first time in my life, I got 2nd prize by lottery. I won the biography of Olivia Chow, so I will read it I have time.
In the second half, I enjoyed listening to some stories that international students who actually experienced tough time in Canada, their fun memories, and so on.
The most impressive thing was that when a native student of the moderator asked some questions such as experience, funny story, purpose on their study abroad to international students at the same university. Ones the moderator’s student asked international students about the difficulties of studying abroad. After their answer, the moderator said that it is also the responsibility of native students including himself to create a welcoming, comfy environment where international students can engage with local native students without hesitation, impressed. It is probably a value of a student unique of Canadians who grew in such a diversity country. It is very appreciated for students who do not speak English as first language from abroad, including myself, to accept the students of International with such thoughts and attitudes.
I felt that Canada continue pulling the front line in order to realize a global society where the world mutually help each other and accept different cultures and nationality to all over the world.

先日学校の先生から招してもらったインターナショナルの学生に向けたイベント”You Go! Global Leaders”に参加してきた。
正直に言うと、前半に登壇したメインのゲストスピーカー、1人はOlivia Chowという元政治家と、Jay Zhangという銀行員の2人は実際に来なかった。1人はSkypeで話をし、もう1人は録画したビデオを見ただけ。Skypeで話をしたOliviaの方は、とても良い話をしていたとは思うのだけど、オーディオが悪すぎてずっと声が途絶え途絶えで全然何を言ってるかわからなかった。ビデオの方が大分マシだった。ただ率直な感想としては、やはりしっかりと伝えたいことがあるんだったら目の前で実際に話をしてくれないとどれだけ良い話をしていても伝わらない。目の前に熱意を感じないから。その最初のSkypeには少々ガッカリした。ただ生まれて初めて、抽選で2等が当たり、そのOlivia Chowのバイオグラフィーが当たったので時間がある時にゆっくり読んでみようと思う。


I went to Peru from Colombia on October 28, 2017.
However, what I planned in Peru wasn’t go well due to various circumstances.
Actually there was a severe trouble from latter of Colombia, I know that my unlucky luck give me lots of trouble to me always, I have a big unlucky, but that case was quite massive and that almost broke my heart. The live-in babysitter job in Peru was decided few months before I go to Peru. Going to Peru motivated me to get through the bad circumstances, so also the fact that messed up my plan in Peru pokes my heart more. My unlucky is incredible. So I got no plan and for 10 days I was thinking about my next step with moving around to find cheap hostels.
I applied to another volunteer work via the workaway site that I described previous post, but I didn’t get response from that place. Thinking a lot, and after all I got in Toronto several days ago.
To be honest, I didn’t feel good to make a living in Cusco, Peru. That place is flourished upon tourist business. So there were full of tourists on the street, everywhere. I felt it’s not the place to live surrounding by bunch of tourist and merchants. Moreover, since I left Vancouver, each time when I meet new people and talk many things, I was feeling myself is so ignorance. I wanted to study more what I want to. So I decided to leave South America for a while and focus on studying in Canada. Including Spanish.
I can stay in Canada for half a year with a visitor visa, I’m planning to study maximum half a year until I can convince myself.
I’m planning to visit Uruguay again for the third visit after six months.
Regarding things, experiences in Colombia and Peru, I will upload it when I have time.
It was 3 months staying in South America considerably quite shorter than I planned first, but there are many things I’ve learned and felt in the past 3 months. I learned, life’s not gonna be like as I am planing at all. But, although such a busy, haughty my life, I think someday everything will be rewarded after all. I feel the day my dream can be seen is not so far.






1日は24時間しかない。そこから寝る時間を引き、残った時間にどれだけ英語に浸れるか。そこがポイント。フィリピンで、僕の先生は毎日字幕なしで最低でも英語の映画を2本は見ろと言った。僕は映画が好きだから映画かTV Shaw(ドラマ)だが、それは英語の番組でもYouTubeでも何でも構わない。とにかく英語が1本だいたい2時間だとして、毎日4時間は英語に浸れということだ。僕は今でも平均毎日1本は映画を見る。




As soon as I got to Canada, I started to find a part-time job.

I felt guilty about spending without working, and after three months I started to work at a Japanese restaurant. But even it’s in Canada, there was a hierarchical society that what I hate, so I started to think why I come to Canada and I am being in a hypothetical society that I do not like, It was just beginning, and although I was not accustomed to my classes, I felt like I’m neglecting my purpose that is study. So I decided to quit the Japanese restaurant.

From about six months after I came to Canada, I began looking for a job again that could use English, to keep time to study, and I found a cleaner job at an early morning local cafe. I was able to work for a short time before going to school. I went to the interview and the manager was a very nice person and my work content was easy, so I decided to work there. For half a year I’ve been working from 4  to 6 in the early morning cafe, school from 8 to 1 in the morning, self-study and volunteering in the afternoon and sleeping at 9 in the evening.

Just as a cleaner, whatever it was a solid job, I was able to efficiently manage time, pay was good, and it was good that I didn’t have to memorize and study much.

When It was been half year since I’ve started the life working the early morning shift, gradually the life rhythm was going to be collapsed. In the last month, I couldn’t sleep at all before going to work. So I went to work without any sleep, and after work, going to school. The hardest day was Saturday. I had to go to double work without any sleep. After working the cafe, worked at a preschool from 8 am to 14, 15 o’clock. More than anything, I did’t want to show my children my tire. Desperately I was trying to be fine. Honestly I liked both work. The coworkers were really nice and friendly. I’ve never had a hard time there. But I couldn’t keep doing with the collapsed rhythm. I wanted to sleep in the night normal. So I decided to quit the cafe.

In the last six months of life in Canada, there were long vacancies for 4 months before starting the practicum 2 and a half months, and during that period I worked as a babysitter and also worked at two different daycares.

Personally, I like babysitter job very much. Because I can have more individual time with a child one to one seriously.

About the last 3 months, I’ve to the daycare for 8 hours everyday for full-time practicum and I’ve been busy. What is busy, there were many assignments. Everyday after returning from practicum, I had to prepare activities for the next day.

But, there are so many things I could learn from the both practice. It was so much fun to be with children everyday. I never forget about the time spending with children. Those are my precious memory.








In the field of ECE(Early Childhood Education), many people volunteer while going to school for seeking jobs after graduating from school. Because it’s a quite sure way to gain trust through volunteers and get jobs. It ‘s a kind of internship.

After I entered school for about 3 months, I started volunteering by my friends’ introduction since I got accustomed to school. I got a job offer from a preschool, which was in conjunction with a daycare that I was volunteering, and I’ve worked at the preschool for a year.

I occasionally worked as a on-call staff at the daycare where I was volunteering. I’ve worked at the preschool for one year, three months at one daycare, one and a half months with a different daycare.
Experience and trust are particularly important here than resume. It is very important to get jobs smoothly. Everything that I worked on was all introduced by my friends.

I focused more on observation various daycare than working long in the same place. Through the curriculum of the ECE program, there were many opportunities to visit daycares by observation and practical training, and I was able to see nearly 20 different places.

The difference between volunteering and actually getting paid is  heavy responsibility. Volunteer is totally up to a day care, what you can do and what you can learn. There are various experiences, and sometimes it is used for being overworked and challenged. But mainly volunteer students can not take responsibility, so I couldn’t help other teachers such as taking their part of jobs. Basically I was playing with children.

I’ve worked in the position of a teacher and I felt the difficulty as a real paid worker. As a volunteer, I can spend a lot of time with each child while playing with a child, but when I become a teacher I have to steer a class with dozens of children, if I look around the whole thing, I am having less time with each child. Especially there are more children in a class. I’ve also worked at a Family Daycares (It’s to keep children up to 6 to 8 at home) and I could get more time with each child, I prefer to have a small group. But It’s rally fun to play with dozens of children in a group day care, but it is very hard to take care of all of them.

初めに、日本では馴染みの無いカナダ(広く言えば英語圏全般)の保育園、幼稚園について少し説明したいと思う。日本でいう保育園は、英語圏ではDaycare(デイケア)、幼稚園はPreschool(プリスクール)。デイケアは1日保育で、プリスクールは1日最大で4時間まで、主に学習をメインとしている。こっちでは、5歳までは特に子供をどこかに預けなくてはいけないという義務はなく、基本的に親が仕事で家にいないと子供を預けて、平日で仕事の休みがある家庭は週に2、3日だけとか子供を預けたい日だけ預け、できるだけ親と過ごせる時間は平日であっても、子供は親といることが多い。プリスクールは基本的に半日保育だから、通う親は時間に融通の利く人が多い。プリスクールとデイケアで資格は別れてはいなく、同じ資格(Early Childhood Educator CertificateかEarly Childhood Educator Assistant Certificate)で働くことができる。資格にも大学卒かカレッジ(専門学校)卒か多少の違いはあるけれど、資格自体は一緒だから僕の知る限りではカレッジで早く資格を取ってる人が大多数。専門の職業だから、日本みたいに大学卒かどうかなんてうるさくない。興味がある人は調べてみて。







I entered MTI Community College where I am not present. I transferred to Sprott Shaw College and graduated from that school. The thing was suddenly occurred MTI announced they were bankrupt, and they were bought by Sprott Shaw just before I graduate, and I had no choices.

I think I have something like mysterious. I don’t know it is good or bad. I could say it’s funny. As I wrote in other posts, I came to Canada and first entered a language school, which also suddenly collapsed after a while since I graduated. After a year and a half in Canada, I’ve moved a total of seven times. Three of them were closed out the place, so it was evicted. One owner didn’t return the deposit, so we argued quite seriously. After all, somehow I convinced the owner and I got the deposit back. But I doubted there is that kind of incredibly assy Japanese woman. She was one of the worst human being I’ve ever met. Anyway I graduated with Sprott Shaw but for the most part I studied at MTI. I can not count on what I’ve got at the college.

Even now I keep in touch well with that I met the most trustworthy teacher as a friend. Being able to meet a lot of friends from various countries. Some of my friends treat me as  a part of their family. No matter what, the best thing at the college was able to meet a lot of children through practical training, work, volunteering and so on.

I was taking Early Childhood Education, children between 3 to 5 years old. In the first few months after entered the college, the English environment and the female environment (I was the only one guy in the class for the first few months. After the few months one Korean man came in, but the environment was still 99% female. I was desperate to blend in the new environment.), but the first few months of it was the most enjoyable time in my life.

But I felt the happiest in Canada that was the time when I was talking to children and playing with them. I have a plenty of pictures, letters, and works gotten by children and I always keep it all near me. I remember the days, children wrote letters, pictures for me.  They didn’t know the spell of “I love you Kaito”. So they asked to another teacher and wrote it desperately with unstable hand writing. Most of them would forget about what they wrote and what they gave me. But I won’t forget about it, the times I spend with them. The most valuable thing is the time they wrote and drew the pictures, letters with thinking about me.

Both of the college that is MTI and Sprott Shaw were a private school. The advantage is that you can get qualification earlier than other universities, and there are many international students, so you can enter easily without professional English skill.

On the other hand, speaking of the disadvantage is the school that I entered, there are some students who do not understand English quite terribly. So when in a group work, other students have to support them. And one more thing, when I was in the college teachers quit quite often. That was annoying that a teaching style was changed often, and every time we had to blend in it flexibly. Because of those things, I was worried about various things, and honestly I had tough time. But that’s my responsibility to follow the situation of a school, because I chose a private school. Unless the school does particular  things such as illegal or very unreasonable,you need to follow the school, because the school side has a strong leadership. I would recommend, if you don’t harry to take certificate and if you can’t be flexible and patent by those kind of happening, you better to chose universities. However those are coming from from my experience, maybe I just had a bad luck.

僕は、今は無きMTI Community Collegeというところに入学したのだが、転入しSprott Shaw Collegeというところで最終的には卒業した。そいうのも、卒業間際というときにMTIがいきなり財政破綻でSprott Shawに買い取られて、転入せざるをえなかったから。


まあそれはいいとして。僕は卒業はSprott Shawだったがほとんどの期間はMTIで勉強した。カレッジで得たことは数え切れない。



でも僕がカナダ生活で1番幸せを感じたのは、やはり子供と話して遊んでいる時。子供たちから貰ったたくさんの絵や手紙、工作はずっと大事に持っていて、たまにそれを見てはその時の子供との日々を思い出して1人でにやけたりする。子供は僕に何をあげたかも、それによく意味もわからずにI love youって書いたのも、ほとんどの子供はほんの数ヶ月したら僕のことなんて忘れているだろう。でもその深い意味なんて無いI love youやKaitoっておぼつかない手取りで必死に、他の先生から聞いて真似して書いた、その時間は僕のことを考えて書いてくれただろう、その時間を僕にくれたことが、僕にとっては何よりも嬉しい。

僕の通ったMTIもSprott Shawもどちらもプライベートスクールだった。その利点としては、他の大学よりもコースに寄っては資格が早く取得できたり、インターナショナルの生徒を多く入れるから入学しやすい。ただ、僕が入った学校から言えば、先生がすぐ辞めたり、コロコロ変わったり、英語が全然話せない分からない生徒がいて、その人たちとグループワークをする時は他の分かる人が引っ張っていかなきゃいけないとか、先生によって評価基準が違かったりと、まあ好き勝手やられた。そのせいで色々と悩んだり、学校を辞めようかと考えた時期もあった。ただプライベートスクールを選んだからには、学校側が違法なことや、よっぽど理不尽なことをしてこない限り、どう考えても主導権は学校側が強い。だからその点は了承して上手くやってく自信がない人は、きちっとした大学に入って安心して勉強に励んだ方がいいかもしれない。まあ、きっとたまたま僕のいた時期にバタバタしてたのが主な原因だと思うが。


I came to Vancouver, Canada and went to a language school to get used to the local accent for only three weeks before the college starts.

My English ability at that time when I came to Canada was such I was able to pass a college entrance examination, because of the three month study in the Philippines. (Well, as I later noticed, the college where I enrolled have a lot of international students, quite rarely anyone fails by the entrance examination.)

I aimed to make friends from other countries rather than studying rally hard, because I’ll be in the language school only for three weeks. The afternoon class was fun and valuable, because the level of the class was high, my teacher was funny and knowledgeable, most of classmates were close and we hanged out often. But frankly, the morning class was boring. Well, it was also my mistake to be in the boring class that was a low-level class by submitting with a blank sheet, I was thinking that there is no part of Writing in the level classification test. . .

There were just few things that I could’ve learned in 3 weeks, but it was good opportunity to speak English with friends from other countries.

Another good thing that I went to a language school was to know different culture. Knowing the culture of other countries, I also found the position of people from my country. Maybe it’s weird for people who aren’t Japanese to hear that. I think I’m not a kind of a typical Japanese. I mean my personality. Because I think that I do not want to become it, a typical Japanese image in me.

Anyway I was surprised by my friends and teachers at the language school that they told me most of other Japanese people cannot speak English well and they don’t even try to speak to people from other countries, but I am different. I also agreed well that many Japanese people stick with only Japanese people and talk only in Japanese. I didn’t make any Japanese friends, because of the difference from the majority of Japanese. Perhaps for those reasons, it was not so hard to make friends.

Although I had only three weeks, I got tired of the language school, I thought that English ability won’t rise much even if I go over it. The reason is that opportunities to speak are basically limited, because most of classed are a group lesson, speaking is hard to be improved unless you make some friends and only speak in English. But even if you talk to people of the same level of English skills for a long time, it is hard to improve. Especially for those people who start from the lowest class. In my opinion, unless if you  make a lot of effort or you have a great potential to talk to anybody else. English ability won’t rise to a certain level no matter how long it is . Well, of course this is only talking about from my experience. Some school have variety of curriculas, so it cannot be said that unconditionally.








There are some reasons why I decided to study abroad in Canada.

The first reason is that I wanted to learn early childhood education in English. Although I originally wanted to help children around the world, I never learned about education before going to Canada. Then, when I was with children through volunteer activity in the Philippines, I knew the beauty of a child again, and at the same time I felt that I learned how ignorance I am about education. And for deciding a country to study abroad I had various choices. But I wanted to learn American English originally because of influence of American movies etc. I’ve been asked often why I did not go to the US, but as other points I could not work legally in the US, even if I got a student visa. But specific schools in Canada, you can get a work visa (co-op visa) with taking a student visa at the same time. For financial reasons, I chose going to Canada to work part – time with studying.

Another reason, I searched on the internet, I learned that early childhood education in Canada is remarkable in the world, did not investigate in detail why it’s remarkable at the time, but I was just attracted purely.

I was considering Australia as a backup plan for just in case If I cannot go to Canada. AndI l got the information that is in Australia I could get a license faster than Canada. But after all I decided Canada where I could learn similar American. (In Canada and Australia, unlike Japan, there are various grades for licenses of early childhood education, so the learning period will be different)

Additionally, another reason was the ease of getting a visa. And also I also could get a working holiday visa following of graduation a school to take a license.

When I returned to my country from the Philippines and decided to study abroad in Canada, I was thinking vaguely, after studying in Canada I would go to Australia to study childhood education more.