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July is the middle of winter out here in New Zealand. For me, coming from Northern Hemisphere, it feels so strange having totally opposite season.

The weather of the winter of Auckland is crazy. Everybody says it’s crazy. Rainy, sunny, rainy, cloudy, the weather changes many times in a day. Also the temperature. In the morning it is freaking cold and need a thick jacket and a scarf, but it turns out to be quite warm in the midday, like only a T-shirt is enough. But sometimes it’s so cold all day. The weather cast is quite untrustful here. It bother me to pick a cloth everyday. The huge temperature difference made me sick since few weeks ago and still unrecovered.  But the sick man is not only me. At work, teachers and kids are all sick. Half of kids are having runny nose and sneezing everyday. The collaboration of those two makes my sickness untreatable.

Speaking of my preference of climate compare to Vancouver where more than half of a year is rainy all day long, maybe I prefer Auckland. Because even so many rain out here, I still can see the sun often between rain and rain, when rain clouds moved away. Although it’s still hard to get used to this crazy weather.