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Although it was a short period of time, I’ve been staying at a NGO volunteer group, so I could go around various districts for volunteer work rather than just going through language study, listening to various people’s story, made me think about various things. As this was the country that I visited alone, the experience that I got back there is still my foundation.

What I felt most in the Philippines is the disparity of rich and poor. Right in front of the houses where the houses which collapsed in a dreadful streak is lined up,there are rich houses surrounded by magnificent walls gathers up. When I saw it, I could not help feeling that this was a picture that tells the disparity of rich and poor.

I have not seen much street children in Iloilo city, but bunch of street children I saw when I visited Cebu. After all I saw it, I just insisted that this was reality I could not say I could not think of anything. When I visited the Philippines well I heard that it is important to go through even if a beggar comes that is what I was told before I actually go there. Maybe that sounds sad. But that is not wrong. Behind the meaning that passing by and gives nothing, the tourists are a kind of people who do have money give things and money to begging people who think they could get money from foreigners. Which makes it irrevocable I got it. As I’ve hard, whites are often gentle with kindness, to give money to beggars, but that is a mistake. Then that situation will be worse and nothing will be resolved. Some people said If people give money, people have to teach beggars  how to make a living, not begging. I was convinced by listening to it. Beggars have to learn Give and Take. However, the second generation of beggars born from beggar parents have never had education at all and do not know the way of living, they know only as a beggar. It is not easy for people to change the country where such people are overflowing.

Further digging down, the state that made the current situation is developed countries (I hate the names of developed and developing countries, but I will describe it here this time. )When thinking that the Philippines is suitable for doing business, foreign enterprises advanced into business city, built a factories. They don’t have any responsibility there at all. Because they are only interested in money. Also the Philippine government that depends to the overseas enterprises is also not good. The word that I often heard from businessmen and others in the field is that in the Philippines many foreign companies relocate to different countries, because overseas enterprises have advanced too much and money can not be earned much anymore. It is said that the Philippines is used for good from overseas enterprises and is truncated. People who made poor people. And people say that is capitalism. It is a fault those people who do not make money.

The Philippines has given me a lot of experience and gave me a lot of thought opportunities. The Philippines is really wide. I’d like to visit the Philippines again in the near future and I want to meet again the children I met and I’d like to know more about the Philippines to go around different places. And someday, I’d like to do something for the children in the Philippines.



そして僕の主に滞在したイロイロシティーではほとんど見ることがなかったが、セブを訪れた時に見たストリートチルドレンの多さ。やはり僕はそれを見て、ただこれが現実だときっぱり言い張り何も考えないということはできなかった。よくフィリピンに行った時には物乞いが来てもスルーするのが大事だ、と聞くが、実際に僕がフィリピンに行く前にもそうアドバイスをもらったのだが、それは間違いではない。そのスルーして何も与えないという意味の裏には、観光客が物乞いの人たちに物、金を与えるから金がない人たちは外国人から金をもらえると覚えてしまい、取り返しがつかなくなってしまった。僕が聞いた話だと、白人は優しさのあまり金を与える人が多いがそれは間違いだと。それではその現状は悪くなるだけで何も解決にはならない。ただ与えるのではなくて、どういった形で生活を立てるのかを教えてあげなくては物乞いは一生物乞いのままだと。僕はそれを聞いて納得した。彼らはGive and Takeを学ばなくてはいけないと。ただ物乞いの親から生まれた物乞いの2世は全く教育を受けたことがなく、物乞いという術しか生きる道を知らない。そんな人たちが溢れている国を、人々を変えるのは容易ではない。




After the day I arrived in Iloilo city, I went to stay with my homestay family who lives in a bamboo house.

I was a totally city boy, I’ve never slept outside even without comfy bed, I’ve never slept surrounding trees, because I’ve never been to a camp so.

Most of home stay family members couldn’t speak English except one young woman who is working at the biggest department store which is SM mall in the city. So she is educated English.

When I went to the Philippines, I  seriously couldn’t speak English at all. At all. I just could say “Hello.” “How are you?” “Good, bad.”

Home say family had just 2 rooms. One is for living room and in night time, it is for sleep area. The other one is for the young woman. So they provided the young woman’s room for only me.

There were so many mosquitos, other kinds of bugs. I just got one thin bed mat. Banana in a soup for lunch and dinner. They kill alive chicken and cook. Every morning, exactly 5am, all cheaken crowed in the village, and I was woke up. For the first few days, I couldn’t talk to the family, because that time I didn’t know how to communicate to people without oral language.

So honestly I’ve been home sick for the first 3 days of my homestay. I missed comfy bed, tough roof and walls, sticky rice made by a rice cooker, clean water….

But after 3 days, my homestay brother who stayed with me, taught how to get a school, translated, kind of babysitter during homestay term. He told me, “You need to communicate the family more.” After I was told that, I tried to be flexible and active, ’cause I thought it’s up to me whether these just 7 days will be precious and valuable for me or not.

And I tried to have chat to them and look around. Not to think negatively. And I realized. Even homestay mother cannot speak English, she always smile at me. Her cooking is so delicious. Every morning, when I woke up, she prepared a cup of coffee and let me try different traditional breakfast. The homestay father tried to talk to me after his long shift of work. Because of the chickens, I can awake same time every morning and can feel the beautiful moment of early morning.

The last day of staying in a bamboo house with the warm-hearted people, I was sad to leave the family and back to the share house for the organization.

As for the stay in the Philippines, because of the huge gap of the culture shock and homesick changed me. I still feel it clearly. After the Philippines, I have no fear to go anywhere.

When you put yourself to totally different environment, you could feel something different. And you might be able to change. Only you need is a bit of courage for challenge.




正直に、僕がフィリピンに行った時は、本当に全く英語を話せなかった。話せて”Hello.” “How are you?” “Good, bad.”程度。