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それと、長くいるつもりでシェアハウスに移ったのだが、ここでまた僕のbad luck。日本人と他のアジア人もいると聞いて決めたのだが、実際は5人日本人、1人香港人。そして1人の日本人がボス気取りで毎日のようにパーティー、ドラッグ。それが2amを過ぎても。いるんだよね、こういう海外に出てきて調子にのる日本人って。uncool。別に何しようが人の勝手だから良いけど、シェアハウスのリビングを占領して毎晩好き勝手に騒がれるのには我慢できず、丁度仕事探しにも苦戦していたところで動くことにした。
27/03/2018 I moved to Adelaide from Melbourne.
I was thinking to stay for a long in Melbourne, but unexpectedly that was hard to find a job. That is a big reason. I thought there is a lot of job vacancies in such a big city Melbourne. But the truth is many people think like that and move to Melbourne for seeking a job. Also Melbourne is a too nice city according to some reputations. So the demand of job does not balance with the number of job seekers. Although if you do not choose a type of job, you could get one quite possibly.
I moved to a shared house for assuming long stay. But here my bad luck comes. I heard there are Japanese and other nationalities living. In fact, 5 Japanese and only one Honking guy who is really quiet. The thing is one of the Japanese guys is so bossy and he does whatever he wants. He uses the house like its his. Every night he invites his friends and have a party, taking drugs, drinking even beyond 2am. That was so disgusting and annoying, also I do not like bossy guy. I do not care what people do. But I can not live with like them under the same roof. That was also the trigger of my moving.