My story

My name is Kaito Swan.

I’m the one who is trying to help all children who are in suffer and seeking help in this world.

I don’t say it is a dream or ambition. Because I think that I do is very simple and natural thing as one of human being.

All human fairly have rights to have the minimum standard of living, and receive education.

Everyday many children are starving.

Everyday many children are seeking help.

Everyday many children are ding.

On the other hand, so many people who know there are children, people are ding, but do nothing. They do nothing.

Nobody try to change this unfair world.

There are some people who are desperately trying to change. But this shitty world is not changed much. That is the reality.

People kick other people down and seek money. More money and more money to be rich.

It is the reality in this life, isn’t it? If you say No, you are the one of good people.

I am just a normal person who is facing the reality of this world.

First of all, I want to introduce my story. I always think you can never know the person without knowing the person’s background.  So let me talk my story briefly…

I was born in Tokyo, May 1995. By the time, my family were very poor. Because my father was alcoholic and he spent all his salary every month. And badly when he doesn’t have money, he started to borrow money. After one year of my birth, she gave birth to my sister. Our family’s living were getting worse. So after my sister were born, my mother ware started to work with holding me and my sister. My mother worked and worked. But every month, they had never got any money left. Even a bit. My father didn’t like kids, so I don’t have any memories my father played with me.

When I was 3, my mother started to work night time for getting more money. From then, I don’t have much memory that she was in night time with me. I hated to be with my father every night. He was really quick-tempered and emotional. I remember, when I was a kid, every night he was shouting at me and breaking furnitures and walls. And next day of he broke the furnitures, he fix it quietly. When I was that age, I felt sorry and sad for those ruined furnitures. And the day of night, he brake it again. After few times of that, it’s impossible to fix and buy new ones and waste money. At least the best thing was he never hit us.

When I was 5, my mother’s parents paid and we got a new house for my asthma. I remember, the first week of living in the new house, my parents fought and they made few huge hole on the walls.

When I was 6, my mother started to work 6 days a week in the night, excepting Sunday. When she told me and my sister about she starts to work 6 days, she said she can take us somewhere every Sunday. But that never happened. Most of Sunday, she was sleeping all day or went out to have dinner with her customer for her work. There was only once, my family went on an overnight trip for a zoo to next town. That was the best time.

When I was 8. That day came up. Before I leave for a school, I was watching the news like as usual and I watched the child’s murder. Meanwhile I remember there was children’s murder almost everyday, and I was always thinking why the innocent children had to be murdered? They were even younger than me. Why nobody helped them? Although there were so many adults. Why? Why? But that day was different. When I watched the news, I  felt so much anger at the adults who don’t help them. And I was so sad and wanted to cry for those killed children who were innocent and precious life. I was disappointed to bossy adults in this world. I knew, I felt the reality. Those people who are on the top in this world, they don’t care of each child’s life. And I thought I can help them, I have to help them, I have to change this shit world.

When I was 14, I tried to suicide. Quite seriously. Every night, I was searching what is the best way to suicide for everyone. I prayed for any help, every night. But it didn’t work. I knew it, god does’t help me. And I decided the way. One day, I went to bed and I was thinking about after I died. I thought my mother will cry and she might die too. And I cried. I cried and cried thinking about my miserable life and my mother. I threw away my life once, and I got one more chance. I decided to use this whole my life for helping all children.

When I was 14 to 17, that was the hardest and worst time. I was crying a lot thinking about my shitty and miserable life. I was desperate to live everyday with my shitty disability.

When I was 18, I wanted to leave from my father and I chose a college where is far away from the house. And I left the house.

I told my mother to stop paying money for the alcoholic man over and over. But one day, she said “I was thinking the goal of a life is to marry somebody and have kids. But It wasn’t. I put him up to marring me for my life. So I will keep paying money for him. That is the only thing what I can pay back for his life.”  She is still paying for him. She would spend her whole life for paying back for him.

I disowned my family. Because I knew the most important thing is people’s heart. Not the just name of family. The alcoholic man is literally my relative and my father. It’s just called so. I don’t give a shit.

But it’s just my case. I truly believe parents are supposed to be the closest people for their kids, and family is supposed to be the most valuable for all people.

Maybe my life story seems to be very negative and full of sadness. But I appreciate all things that happened in my life. Because all those things raised me and now I am standing on the ground to help all innocent children and people.

This is my true life story. There’s no lie and fake in it.

I want to do, and I am supposed to do, so I bet my whole my life to give children rights of the minimum standard of living, and chance to make own dream come true.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Wish upon children’s rights to receive education freely, safely and fairly.

Kaito Swan