About me

In March 2014, following graduation of Chiba prefecture Kokubun High School, entered the international hotel department of Kanda Gaigo Gakuin, and dropped out in a half year. For a half year from that, aimed to be a lawyer, and studied the law for Bar examination at Itou Juku.

In May 2015, I could not abandon my interest of overseas, stopped studying the law, and studied abroad at NGO organization operated by Japanese in Iloilo City, the Philippines, studied English and participated in volunteer activities involving child support.

In February 2016, took the Early Childhood Education Basic Program in MTI Community College in Vancouver, Canada. I got Early Childhood Educator’s License, Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR, Food Safe Level. In August 2017, completed all courses, and graduated from Sprott Shaw College. (I graduated from Sprott Shaw College because I transferred to Sprott Shaw College by sudden closure of MTI Community College in 2017.)

In August 2017, following graduation of Sprott Shaw College, flew to South America.

In September to October 2017, teaching english at local schools of Pital, Neiva in Columbia. Also traveled in Uruguay and Peru.

From May 2018, started to work as Early Childhood Educator in Auckland, New Zealand.



2016年2月、カナダのバンクーバーにあるMTI Community CollegeのEarly Childhood Education Basic Programに入学。 Early Childhood Education Assistant License, Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR, Food Safe Level 1を取得し、2017年8月に全過程を修了しSprott Shaw Collegeを卒業。(2017にMTI Community Collegeの閉鎖と共に、Sprott Shaw Collegeに編入した為、卒業はSprott Shaw College。)