Archives For June 2018

It was just three years ago, I went to Philippines which was the first time I went to overseas by myself and it changed my life forever.

Every year in June, I think about the Philippines. To be honest, it was not all just happy time. Homesick, culture shock, struggling language, it was a really tough time. But I found many things that I couldn’t have found in my country. Now I can say that time I spent in Philippines was glorious and also bitterness of my last teenage year.

It’s been three years and right now I am in New Zealand somehow. When I was 18, I was thinking things go well as I plan. But I learned it’s not true most of the times. There are so many things that I need to, want to learn. So many things that I don’t know out there. Everyday living in my life, what I feel is my ignorance. Everyday learning and struggling. I guess there is no short cut in life.