Melbourne/ メルボルン

April 1, 2018 — Leave a comment
僕がメルボルンの1番好きなところは、週末になるとYarra River沿いのレストラン通りのいたるところで路上演奏があり、タダで音楽を聴きながらゆっくりとRiverの側を歩くこと。
14/03/28, I moved to Melbourne. The first impression when I walked in downtown was the crowd of people that reminded me Tokyo. When I walk on the street, I have to avoid bumping to people. It is been a while to feel the business. But I feel comfortable in Melbourne as I heard Melbourne is the best city in the world. The cityscape is beautiful everywhere, there are many amazing, artistic buildings, and the atmosphere is not so tense and busy.
There is also nice quietness in suburb. That does not make me feel I am in Melbourne that is the second biggest city in Australia.
Speaking of the prices, If you cook at home, that does not cost a lot, I guess. Some kinds of fruits and vegetables are really expensive. But the seasonable kinds and Australian ones are reasonable. The hardest thing living in Melbourne is transportation cost. Weekly bus pass is for about  $40. That is almost double price of  Vancouver.  And also I wanted to go to a gym as I used to go in Canada, but most of gyms start up from $100 monthly plus one time only membership registration fee. That was just $30 in Canada. So I feel really expensive going to a gym here. That is why I give up working out at gym and do some at home instead. Moreover, a movie ticket was $10 in Perth everyday. So I thought that is $10 to watch a movie everywhere in Australia. I felt so happy. Then I went to a cinema i Melbourne expecting to pay just $10. But, but that was  about $24 or something. 3D or IMAX are ore than that. Too expensive. I think Tuesday is a discount day like in Canada. So I think I just go to a cinema on Tuesday. Personally speaking, Perth is a great city at that point.
My most favourite thing in Melbourne is walking along river with listening street music for free on weekends.

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