London, Ontario, Canada/ ロンドン、オンタリオ、カナダ

January 10, 2018 — Leave a comment

It may be England that you first imagine when you hear London (I did), but I have been in London, Ontario, Canada. About 3 hours away from Toronto. You can also go from London to Detroit in the United States in about three hours.
I think that there are some people who think of London is Justin Bieber’s hometown (I was one of them), but when I asked a Canadian, Justin was born as a hospital in London but as soon as he was born, he moved to Stratford which is just an hour away from London. So Justin is not a Londoner (a person who is born in London).
The town is very quiet, downtown is also quite small compared to Vancouver and Toronto. However, there are two big shopping malls, so you do not have to worry about shopping. It seems that there are many retired people live there. Those who retire and want to live quietly in order to spend their old age. So I have seen lots of old people. Because of that, it was very peaceful and people were kind, and I felt like time was passing slowly. I do not want to live in too much rural or also too countryside with nothing there. I do not like people in Tokyo and Toronto who are chased by time and cold. That’s why London was very comfortable for me. However, the problem was there are few buses. That is a difficulty. I had to walk 20 minutes to the nearest bus stop and wait for mostly 30 minutes for a bus. Canada’s winter in the east side is rather tough. The average temperature in winter in London is minus 10 degrees or less. While walking in the snowstorm at -15, it is rather tough to walk the snow road and wait for the bus. How jealous I felt to those people who uses only a car everyday… Well, it was a good experience for me to feel the taste of winter in Canada compare to Vancouver ‘s warm  climate.
Following 2 months in London, considering transportation, work and network, I finally decided to leave London and going back to Vancouver. I thought it would be the best for me for now.




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