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This time I would like to introduce my experience of actually using workaway.
I am now teaching English at a local school in Colombia because I found the offer through workaway.
Two months ago when I was thinking how to live a few months living expenses in Uruguay before leaving Canada, my friend who has been traveling the world taught me about the workaway site.
Currently hosts are registered in this site from 170 countries around the world. That means that no matter where you go to any of the 170 countries worldwide, anyone can find a host. However it depends on a country how many host are registered. At most more than 300 hosts that you can find. Which means you have more than 300 options.
I was planning to learn Spanish in Uruguay and I was looking for a host, but I had half- year to study Spanish anyway. And I though that would be really great for me to study Spanish with being engaged in other national education in other Latin American countries instead of just focusing on studying Spanish in Uruguay. Because to know education of other countries is one of my biggest purpose and interest.
Countries close to Uruguay such as Argentina and Paraguay did not have much educational offering, and daringly extended the range of searching to Colombia and Peru. Among them, I applied for an offer of an English teacher in Colombia, and got Ok after an interview with the host. And in Peru I found a host offering a babysitter and contacted. Sooner the host said Ok kindly, so from November I’ll be a babysitter in the village Pisac located near Cusco, Peru.
As a point of looking for hosts, if you already decided to go to a country where you want to go, you should contact more than one host. If you know the date, contact as early as possible even a few months before.
The first time I began searching for hosts in Uruguay, I contacted to only one or two hosts, but I didn’t get reply at all. I finally contacted the fifth candidates that I chose and I got a reply quite sooner from the host in Colombia where I am staying right now and the host in Peru where I’ll go next. After all replies came from almost all host that I sent a contract, but some of them took a couple of months to send me back. Well, my schedule was quite hasty, though.
I would recommend to contract few or several hosts, because there are some cases that it’s already full of workawayers or the circumstances do not suit, hosts seek quite specific and high skill. There is timing and compatibility with the host.
Because of workaway, now I can be spending 0 cost unless I buy what I wanna buy following my greedy, while I’m in Colombia.
There are also some volunteer offers from local communities and NGO organizations, and you can get a volunteer opportunity with avoiding to pay $1000 or more expensive cost to some volunteer organization group. You can do volunteer work on equivalent exchange. It’s a fair, great deal, I think.




This time I’d like to introduce workaway site.
Unless you are a super rich aristocrat, you probably show know about this site before you travel. If you use this site, you would be able to travel around the world at no cost except transportation cost.
First of all, the mechanism consists of the host (host) side that offers accommodation and meals, and Workawayer (workawayer) that provides hours of work times for accommodation and meals.
Of course it is not a perfect convenient and easy way to get all meals and lodgings for all free. The host side want any helps for a hostel management, a person making a meal, helping a website creation, helping a house construction, a child’s babysitter, a language teaching activity, a gardening, etc. It really depends on needs of host side and they seek for temporary help. In addition, many hosts expect to interact with people from other countries and having different background and stories, not just want people to work. Some hosts want to improve their second language such as English or French or whatever they want through having conversation with workawayers. So interaction is one of big main parts to do workaway.
Many backpackers want to keep expenses as low as possible in workway work, but not only that, also they want to work closely with local people to get a new experience and to know the place, culture, people. If you want to just stay for free, you better to use Couch surfing.
In my opinion, it’s hard to get a local job in the countries where you go within your travel. For example, because of  visa issues. Workaway is not an official job, so you can not receive salary legally, but if you think like that you are working and making the cost free to have meals and accommodation, you could regard you are working and earning money. That’s my opinion though.
But you can’t save money with workaway, so I think it is hard to live in that country for the rest of your life, but for those who want to travel around the world or those who want to explore the world, you could probably travel without any cost except transportation. It’s surely possible.
But it’s a challenge to use workaway, whether the Host is compatible with you or not, what kind of work you actually do. Everything you’ll see when you get the actual place. But it’s an exciting part, isn’t it?
About my experiences actually living now with using workaway will be introduced in ~ part 2 ~. If you got interested, please check the site. URL is right below.


workawayを使って今生きている僕の経験談については~part 2~で紹介。



Last week I visited to Garzon where is a close town from Pital where I’m staying. And I saw a homeless boy for the first time.

There’s no homeless people in Pital. I’ve never seen.

I’ve heard there are many homeless people in bigger cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali. But comparing with those big cities and Garzon, Garzon is much much smaller. So I didn’t imagine that i see a homeless kid out there.

The homeless boy was sleeping on the street right in front of a bakery shop near a bank. He seemed to be about 12 to 14. He was wearing a T-shirt, half-pants, and shoes, all clothes seemed to be unwashed for a while.

He appeared to be asleep, so I didn’t try to talk to him.

I also saw some police men were taking break at the bakery shop.

That’s the reality people just pass by him regarding like he doesn’t exist. Even police men. Why can’t they or government help even one boy?

But so far, I am one of them. Maybe I seem like one of hypocrites. At least that I could do was just leave some change under his grubby T-shirt. I feel really frustrated that I can’t do anything with this myself right now.

In this world, rich people, politicians, police officers say it’s just one of social issue with like nothing care about them, like it’s inevitable. And they do nothing.  Because they don’t feel nothing, they believe they are not gonna be like them. They think they are different than having no money.

I always don’t understand, why those people who govern countries think this world could be existed for more centuries with leaving people who don’t have much income and no home, sleeping on the street, dig garbage, starve and die.

How can they abandon same humanity.

It’s the end human abandon other human.


The most recent fun is to play with children of the kindergarten and the first grade in a 30 min break time between classes.

When sitting in the schoolyard for to take a breath, I hear “Kaito! Kaito!” And some kids come to me. Like a daily routine, same girls of grade 1 eat their snack sitting right next me every day.

Occasionally when kids’ tension is high, I am surrounded by more than 20 kids and somehow Monster Play starts. Automatically I am a bad monster and they put me in a jail where is the corner of the schoolyard. So I escape and run after kids to catch them. When it starts, it’s almost endless. Entirely I run and run until I get sweat enough. That’s really fun. Everywhere Monster Play is popular among children.

On a relaxing day, I spend a few days leaving on Chibuko and staying with me.
There are some girls who are so strongly tempered and have never done a hug, and if you find mine with a spoof, will you hold hands? Some have kids, kindergarten children seem to have fun climbing to me.

When calm days, I just relax with sitting on a same place in the schoolyard as usual. Then few kids come and start to lean on me.

Some kids are get-tough and they seem like they never hag me. On the other hand there’s some kids who are really still like a baby, and always they see me, they come to me and hag me or hold my hand. Also among kids of kindergarten, it’s fun play to climb up me. Also among some of kindergarteners, it’s a fad that when they see me they run away from me. And they come back closer to me and run again. So automatically chasing play starts. That’s one of communication ways.

I feel most happiness, when I’m playing with little kids. Always my happiness is in there.


休み時間に校庭で座って一息ついていると、Kaito! Kaito!とチビ達から声をかけてくれて、大体毎日同じ子供が僕の座ってる横でおやつを食べる。