Narcos and the education of Japan/ Narcos と日本の教育

September 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

I’m ashamed of myself that I didn’t know about Pablo Escobar and what happened in Colombia few decades ago until I watch Narcos on Netflix.

And I’m also ashamed of the education in my country. I’m not just criticizing teachers and the education that they didn’t teach me about it at all. But the almost biggest and darkest history in Colombia, why many Japanese people don’t know?
Speaking of me, I never taught about it and even I’ve never heard about the name of Pablo Escobar. Maybe because of I hadn’t been watching the news for few years back to my high school. And also I didn’t take World history class in high school, I took Japanese history instead.
Additionally speaking of Japanese people, when I told some of my friends and others about I’m going to Colombia, many of them didn’t know where is Colombia and don’t know about Colombia at all. Moreover some of them told me “Colombia is really dangerous! You need to be careful!” But sadly most of them don’t know about why they think Colombia is dangerous. They just heard some bad rumours. The worst answer was what is Colombia? Is it a country?
Moreover, when I told about I’m gong to Uruguay, most of my friends and others didn’t know where is Uruguay at all. Lately Uruguay sounds familiar with some Japanese, because of Jose Mujica’s visitation to Japan last year. But most of them don’t about Uruguay at all.
Maybe Japanese are more knowledgable about Asian countries.
But in spite of the curriculum of school, teachers of history or other teachers were supposed to teach, tell what happened in Colombia as adults who educate new generation for Japan. At least to tell about Pablo Escobar.
Educators are supposed to tell about the world situation and historical world history more, such as September 11 attack, Pablo Escobar and the latest thing is the situation of Venezuela. Not just following the text that is provided by the government. If educators stop being leaners, education would go out of use.
The government in my country is supposed to add more about South America into the education. I strongly think so. Otherwise how come global people that are required for big companies can be grown without the knowledge of world situation and history in this current era of rapid change.
How come Japanese people can follow the flow of the times with ignorance about the world?

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