Public hospital in Montevideo/ ウルグアイの国立病院

September 6, 2017 — Leave a comment

Following the first visit to Uruguay, I was taken care of by Uruguay’s hospital for 2 times.

At the first time, I had a long cold before going on a trip, so I had to go for long journey with bad condition. And I arrived in Uruguay though a total of over 30 hours of transit, but I could’t remove air from my right ear on my plane, because my nose was clogged. So I got empyema. I refused to go to the hospital because I didn’t have overseas travel insurance but I imagined If the symptoms get worse and more severe, I wouldn’t enjoy my trip and the worst case, I wouldn’t be able to return to Canada. So I decided to go to a hospital.

Turning around a lot of hospitals, when I said that I don’t have any insurance, they taught me to go to the emergency at a public university hospital.

When I arrived at the emergency of University hospital (Hospital de Clinicas Dr.Manuel Quintela), I showed my passport, and told them that I don’t have any insurance or anything. Following the instruction of receptionist, I sat for the time and waited. I was so worried how much the cost is gonna be…

Wait about 30 minutes, I was called and I entered an examining room. There were 4 or 5 young weman were waiting for me I was surprised Do I need 4 or 5 doctor’s for my cold symptoms? But one of them was a doctor and others were practicum university students at the emergency. One person listened to my symptoms and that person explained to the other four people the symptoms, teaching how to write the chart, there were kinda nice people. It took times they filing out the chart and trying to find a thermometer. So while I was waiting for the procedure, I could have a chat with some of them.

And they told me the consultation fee is free! In Uruguay, consultation fee is free at public hospitals, even for foreigners!  Additionally they told me, the tuition of public university is all free for Uruguay citizens, even medical or low school. I truly thought Uruguay is a wonderful country.

By the way, the most of the medical students could speak English well, but the receptionist at the public hospital and others couldn’t.

Emergency of Public University hospital in Montevideo, Uruguay

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