1 month in Uruguay/ ウルグアイでの1ヶ月を通して

August 30, 2017 — Leave a comment

I came to Uruguay 2017/08/02. This is the second time to visit Uruguay.

The purpose of the first visit to Uruguay last year was to meet the former president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica. And this second visit was to study under him that I was planing from two years ago.
I took all the credits at the college in Vancouver, afterwards I left Vancouver like I’m in a rush before I get my diploma from the school.

Before I get here and even now, I couldn’t speak Spanish at all. So, in fact, I wanted to go to Guatemala to study Spanish for 1 moths. Cos average tuition in Guatemala is cheap and basically most of lesson is one to one system. That’s the reasons why I wanted to go there. But I had no money poorly than I’ve thought, so I thought it would be somehow all right and went straight to Montevideo.
On 2 day since I got here, I went to his house. But on that day it was unfortunate that there was convention for serious political issue, which means he couldn’t accept any visitor as usual. The guy who is his guard and became my friend when I visited last time told me kindly so. But after the day, I’ve been thinking about something for nearly a month.
First of all, I can’t understand Spanish than I imagined. It’s quite serious problem. In my mind, there is some words that are similar to English, and somehow If I can feel what people are talking, I could understand. That what I thought before I get here. But it wasn’t so easy. Cos I knew I can’t even understand a normal conversation with friends at a hostel where I stayed. And I thought I can’t understand a political things even I can’t have a basic conversation first. I thought even if he accepts me pleasantly, I wouldn’t get much valuable information from him.

Secondly, I felt that I’m too ignorant about politics, world affairs, and world history, truly all.

And for the past month, I couldn’t afford to go to a language school, so I went to the library every weekdays and studied Spanish by myself.

For saving money, I’ve never eaten out, I cooked every day and reduced number of daily meal from 3 to 2 times. Average of my daily meal were about US$ 5. I ate almost the same thing everyday. For breakfast with lunch was bread with Caramel milk jam for taking more calories, for dinner I ate pasta with a pack of tomato source. When about 3 weeks past, some my friend started to say “Hey Kaito, you eat past again! Everyday pasta boy!” I was almost a pasta king haha.

It was almost a month that I decided to stop visiting him until I get better Spanish skill.  So I’ve been focusing on studying Spanish.












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