Montevideo in Uruguay/モンテビデオ、ウルグアイ

August 29, 2017 — Leave a comment

I personally like the country Uruguay.

The first thing I thought in Uruguay that is at the international airport Carrasco International Airport (MVD).  When I visited last year in Uruguay after I went through the  entry ports of Uruguay, there was the small tax free shop. I went through that shop and went to the lobby, there was just MacDonald for eat! Although there was only one small convenience store near the exit. On the second floor, there is an restaurant that looks fancy and expensive. And right in front of the restaurant, there is one more MacDonald! I thought I had no choice except to eat at MacDonald. So last year, when I visited Uruguay, I ate at MacDonald quite often. But this second time I haven’t eaten at there, because I turned to vegetarian.

Montevideo is a capital city in Uruguay. There is various companies gathered in Montevideo. So people gather in Montevideo seeking a job. The main street in the daytime is not very busy. But in the evening, many people returning from work and school, so it tarns to quite busy. On Saturday, the city is bustled by families with kids and couples during the daytime. On Sunday, in Ciudad Vieja where is one of famous area for sightseeing spots, there is many street markets and bustle until around 3 o’clock. But except that area, whole town is very quite as though no one lives or going out, that’s what I felt. When I was walking, cos most of houses were pulled down shouters.

Speaking of price, if you eat outside, it’s almost same as to pay in Japan, or Canada. Also you need to pay chip additionally. On the other hand, supply and daily necessary goods are not so expensive. Could be cheaper than in Japan or Canada. In this 1 months, I’ve never eaten outside. I cooked by myself at a kitchen in a hostel. For example about my foods, I ate pasta with tomato source almost everyday. 500g of pasta is about US$2, a pack of tomato source is about $2. So to use half of the pasta and the pack of tomato source, it’s about $3 for one meal. It’s in my case. Depends on what you choose.

My recommendation is to go to a street market where is few days a weeks. You could buy more fresh and cheaper vegetable and fruits than super market. Because it is coming from each farm house directly.

There is neither H&M nor Zara. There’s just few McDonald’s, Burger King and subway in downtown. But my impression is I don’t see many overseas enterprises in Uruguay, even in Montevideo. I think this country is not industrialized much. Maybe not trying. That my consideration. That’s what I like. But local people are dissatisfied with the shortage of jobs and the wages, That’s what I heard.


去年の暮れに一度ウルグアイを訪れて一番最初に思ったのは、モンテビデオのインターナショナルの空港 Carrasco International Airport (MVD)、ウルグアイに来るほとんど人が利用するこの空港に、出国口を出て小さな免税店があり、そこを通ってロビーに出ると、飲食店がマクドナルドしかない!小さなコンビニはあるけど。2階のゲート近くにもう1つレストランがあるけど、高級感があって高そうだし、オープン時間が限られてる。そしてその目の前にまたマクドナルド!もはや、マクドナルドを食べるというチョイスしかない。前回のウルグアイ訪問の時は、だいぶマクドナルドに世話になったが、ベジタリアンになった今、マクドナルドには1回も行ってない。

モンテビデオはウルグアイの都市で、色々な企業がモンテビデオに進出している。だから自然と人は仕事を求めモンテビデオに集まる。日中は一番の大通りもあまり人でごった返すことはなく静かだが、夕方になると仕事帰りの人や学校帰りの子供が多く見られ賑やかになる。土曜日も日中は親子連れやカップルで町はゆっくりとした賑やかさだが、日曜日は観光地で有名なCiudad Viejaはストリートマーケットが並び3時、4時までは賑やかだが、そこ以外は町のどこを歩いてもとても静か。町をぶらぶら歩いていても雨戸を開けている家が少なくて、本当にこの辺に人が住んでるのかな、と思うぐらい静か。





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