Vancouver Life/バンクーバーでの生活

August 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

As soon as I got to Canada, I started to find a part-time job.

I felt guilty about spending without working, and after three months I started to work at a Japanese restaurant. But even it’s in Canada, there was a hierarchical society that what I hate, so I started to think why I come to Canada and I am being in a hypothetical society that I do not like, It was just beginning, and although I was not accustomed to my classes, I felt like I’m neglecting my purpose that is study. So I decided to quit the Japanese restaurant.

From about six months after I came to Canada, I began looking for a job again that could use English, to keep time to study, and I found a cleaner job at an early morning local cafe. I was able to work for a short time before going to school. I went to the interview and the manager was a very nice person and my work content was easy, so I decided to work there. For half a year I’ve been working from 4  to 6 in the early morning cafe, school from 8 to 1 in the morning, self-study and volunteering in the afternoon and sleeping at 9 in the evening.

Just as a cleaner, whatever it was a solid job, I was able to efficiently manage time, pay was good, and it was good that I didn’t have to memorize and study much.

When It was been half year since I’ve started the life working the early morning shift, gradually the life rhythm was going to be collapsed. In the last month, I couldn’t sleep at all before going to work. So I went to work without any sleep, and after work, going to school. The hardest day was Saturday. I had to go to double work without any sleep. After working the cafe, worked at a preschool from 8 am to 14, 15 o’clock. More than anything, I did’t want to show my children my tire. Desperately I was trying to be fine. Honestly I liked both work. The coworkers were really nice and friendly. I’ve never had a hard time there. But I couldn’t keep doing with the collapsed rhythm. I wanted to sleep in the night normal. So I decided to quit the cafe.

In the last six months of life in Canada, there were long vacancies for 4 months before starting the practicum 2 and a half months, and during that period I worked as a babysitter and also worked at two different daycares.

Personally, I like babysitter job very much. Because I can have more individual time with a child one to one seriously.

About the last 3 months, I’ve to the daycare for 8 hours everyday for full-time practicum and I’ve been busy. What is busy, there were many assignments. Everyday after returning from practicum, I had to prepare activities for the next day.

But, there are so many things I could learn from the both practice. It was so much fun to be with children everyday. I never forget about the time spending with children. Those are my precious memory.









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