The reasons why I decided to study abroad in Canada/カナダに留学を決めた理由

July 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

There are some reasons why I decided to study abroad in Canada.

The first reason is that I wanted to learn early childhood education in English. Although I originally wanted to help children around the world, I never learned about education before going to Canada. Then, when I was with children through volunteer activity in the Philippines, I knew the beauty of a child again, and at the same time I felt that I learned how ignorance I am about education. And for deciding a country to study abroad I had various choices. But I wanted to learn American English originally because of influence of American movies etc. I’ve been asked often why I did not go to the US, but as other points I could not work legally in the US, even if I got a student visa. But specific schools in Canada, you can get a work visa (co-op visa) with taking a student visa at the same time. For financial reasons, I chose going to Canada to work part – time with studying.

Another reason, I searched on the internet, I learned that early childhood education in Canada is remarkable in the world, did not investigate in detail why it’s remarkable at the time, but I was just attracted purely.

I was considering Australia as a backup plan for just in case If I cannot go to Canada. AndI l got the information that is in Australia I could get a license faster than Canada. But after all I decided Canada where I could learn similar American. (In Canada and Australia, unlike Japan, there are various grades for licenses of early childhood education, so the learning period will be different)

Additionally, another reason was the ease of getting a visa. And also I also could get a working holiday visa following of graduation a school to take a license.

When I returned to my country from the Philippines and decided to study abroad in Canada, I was thinking vaguely, after studying in Canada I would go to Australia to study childhood education more.








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