Language school/語学学校

July 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

I came to Vancouver, Canada and went to a language school to get used to the local accent for only three weeks before the college starts.

My English ability at that time when I came to Canada was such I was able to pass a college entrance examination, because of the three month study in the Philippines. (Well, as I later noticed, the college where I enrolled have a lot of international students, quite rarely anyone fails by the entrance examination.)

I aimed to make friends from other countries rather than studying rally hard, because I’ll be in the language school only for three weeks. The afternoon class was fun and valuable, because the level of the class was high, my teacher was funny and knowledgeable, most of classmates were close and we hanged out often. But frankly, the morning class was boring. Well, it was also my mistake to be in the boring class that was a low-level class by submitting with a blank sheet, I was thinking that there is no part of Writing in the level classification test. . .

There were just few things that I could’ve learned in 3 weeks, but it was good opportunity to speak English with friends from other countries.

Another good thing that I went to a language school was to know different culture. Knowing the culture of other countries, I also found the position of people from my country. Maybe it’s weird for people who aren’t Japanese to hear that. I think I’m not a kind of a typical Japanese. I mean my personality. Because I think that I do not want to become it, a typical Japanese image in me.

Anyway I was surprised by my friends and teachers at the language school that they told me most of other Japanese people cannot speak English well and they don’t even try to speak to people from other countries, but I am different. I also agreed well that many Japanese people stick with only Japanese people and talk only in Japanese. I didn’t make any Japanese friends, because of the difference from the majority of Japanese. Perhaps for those reasons, it was not so hard to make friends.

Although I had only three weeks, I got tired of the language school, I thought that English ability won’t rise much even if I go over it. The reason is that opportunities to speak are basically limited, because most of classed are a group lesson, speaking is hard to be improved unless you make some friends and only speak in English. But even if you talk to people of the same level of English skills for a long time, it is hard to improve. Especially for those people who start from the lowest class. In my opinion, unless if you  make a lot of effort or you have a great potential to talk to anybody else. English ability won’t rise to a certain level no matter how long it is . Well, of course this is only talking about from my experience. Some school have variety of curriculas, so it cannot be said that unconditionally.









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