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When my friend came to Cebu through other volunteer groups, I visited Cebu for about a week.

Cebu is the second largest city in the Philippines. I saw a very different Philippines from Iloilo City where I stayed.
Iloilo City is said to be the third city, but it is quite a countryside compared to Cebu and Manila. Since the tourism industry is not well developed, there are few incidents aimed at foreigners, people are gentle and able to talk with people on the roadside easily. The beggar is in front of a big shopping mall, but I did not see much beggars.

There are so many foreigners who came to learn English (most of them are Japanese and Koreans), Cebu was considerably urbanized with the development of tourism industry. As the urbanization progresses, there were people who begged many things. There were a lot of children living on the street who don’t have a home.They are called as a Street Children. It was the opportunity to think deeply about the urbanization problem among me that I was able to see the quite urbanized city and the unurbanized city in the same country. Frankly speaking, what I felt is that Cebu is a famous tourist destination and often hears that the sea is beautiful, but if you actually see a beautiful ocean you have to go to a place far away from the centre of Cebu. The air is not good, the first is that the citizen’s disparity problem is really severe. I thought that I could not live there.

The incident that I remained the most impressive in Cebu was when I was going to eat dinner where some restaurants gathered on foot about 15 minutes. Me and my friend headed off to there. In Cebu, after the sun rose and it got dark, mostly I’ve used a taxi even though I go to the nearby places. But that night, we decided to walk in the neighbourhood. Two young guy beggars from the front comes closer to us when halfway to the destination.  As the guys came from the front and they begged for some money. As usual I say no, no and can get through with nothing happen. But this time when I said no against begging, suddenly one of the guys run  towards me and the other guy towards my friend. Those guys tackled and kept pushing us. We were pushed to the car running. I was nearly hit by a car but got a way desperately from pushing and I run with my  friend and run and run. At that time I was pretty impatient. I had heard of the incident that some visitors got killed if they did not give anything to thieves, but it was innovative that they tried to hit us a car by extrusion.







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