About organizational structure

July 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

There ware a lot of valuable experience that I learned through staying in the Philippines. Organizational structure is one of the biggest valuable experience at there.

The NGO organization that I was staying is a small-scale organization group. Basically that is  focusing on one area where is around the smokey mountain. But weekdays, they visit another area to provide some food, education of hygiene such as why brushing teeth is important for us? or something like that. Mostly to focus on one topic for one visiting.

About their activity, for adults who live around the smokey mountain, the organization established business to make things such as pen cases, wallets, accessories and so on by using recycle materials such as juice packs. They provide a job to make the recycle things for people and those people work and can get pay instead of working as a waste picker (People pick up recycle garbage and exchange that to money). They sell the recycle goods in Japan.  For kids, they support children to be able to go to a school and study until high school. In addition to that, after school they provide childminding in weekdays to provide an opportunity to learn different culture and people mostly from Japan, instead of children go to play at parents’ workplace where is the smokey mountain.

Speaking of management of administration, most of income are earned from people who come from japan. They established the business that I described above, but it is not still enough for their activity. So they are relying to be donated.


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