About childminding as volunteer

July 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

The NGO organization provides the childminding which is to provide taking care of children whose family lives around the smokey mountain,  after school to until their parents finish work, the opportunity of meeting people form different culture background, education. The biggest reason that I concerned is, the time after school to until parents finish their work, 2 to 3 hours, if there is not the childminding children would go to the place where parents working, most of case at the smokey mountain. So that just 2 to 3 hours, children could have many opportunity instead of going to parent’s work place. That is really great effort.

For students who are coming from Japan to study English, they can decide to join the childminding or not. Most of students was joining everyday including me.

The first day when I went to the childminding and meet kids, my thought about children was changed. I was moved by their smile which was totally different as smiles from Japanese ones. The smile was beautiful such as they are having happiness, they know what is happiness even they don’t have much money, games, iPad, expensive brand clothes, there is nothing to enrich them, but they are happy. Honestly before I go to the Philippines, I was having prejudice which is those people who lives around the smokey mountain and get support, are poor and lack of happiness. But It wasn’t. They were happy. Poor people are me and us. People live in a capitalist country. Everyday work and work and seek money instead of spending time with children, family, they say love is the most important, but they think money is more important than time and family.

When I was joining the childminding, I never had studied about education. I made so many mistake, and sometimes I had tough time how to communicate and make a friendship with kids. That made me to study education. But after all, I got so many incredible and precious experience because of spending time with kids.

Children are the most valuable, precious and essential in this world, anywhere. All children must have rights to have education, healthy food for live,  live in a roof.





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