Study tour to Smokey mountain in Iloilo city

July 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

The NGO organization that I was staying provide job, health, and education for people and kids who live around the smokey mountain. The organization also provide share rooms, english school, and study tours for basically Japanese students.

Some people might be familiar with Smokey mountain. You also could say is as garbage mountain. That is severe problem in the Philippines. According to the story that I was told, in the Philippines people cannot burn garbage under low. So all garbage are just piled up on one place and getting bigger and bigger. That never stop. Because for our live, we will have garbage everyday. If you are interested in the problem, please check it out.

As total counted , I have visited the smokey mountain for few times.

For the first time when I visited there, I had no words in my mind to look up the incredibly huge garbage mountain. It is literally huge garbage mountain. I think I never see that plenty of garbage in the rest of my life.

So the problem is people live around the mountain, and pick up garbage. It is their job. To pick up garbage such as cans, glass, and so on, and exchange those garbage to money. There are called a waste picker.

There  are 2 points why it is a problem, (including my personal consideration). First one is income of a waste picker is quite cheap and many parents cannot afford to let their children go to school. And their children help their parents to pick up garbage instead of study at a school. The second point is health. Can you imagine children works in incredibly plenty of garbage to work everyday? That is absolutely unsanitary!

The most shocking scene was one boy who looked about 3 years was playing with his friends at there. And he passed by me and I saw he stepped on a fragment of glass without shoes or even sandals. I almost said “Watch out!”. But he did not even look down and just kept running. I was shocked and just thought how tough his foot is.

The season of this problem is coming from lack of jobs in the whole country. People can’t find a job or sometimes even have a job, but being a garbage picker could have more income and shift to this job. For to help those people, first, we have to solve the problem of low income and lack of jobs.


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