Homestay at a bamboo house/バンブーハウスでのホームステイ

July 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

After the day I arrived in Iloilo city, I went to stay with my homestay family who lives in a bamboo house.

I was a totally city boy, I’ve never slept outside even without comfy bed, I’ve never slept surrounding trees, because I’ve never been to a camp so.

Most of home stay family members couldn’t speak English except one young woman who is working at the biggest department store which is SM mall in the city. So she is educated English.

When I went to the Philippines, I  seriously couldn’t speak English at all. At all. I just could say “Hello.” “How are you?” “Good, bad.”

Home say family had just 2 rooms. One is for living room and in night time, it is for sleep area. The other one is for the young woman. So they provided the young woman’s room for only me.

There were so many mosquitos, other kinds of bugs. I just got one thin bed mat. Banana in a soup for lunch and dinner. They kill alive chicken and cook. Every morning, exactly 5am, all cheaken crowed in the village, and I was woke up. For the first few days, I couldn’t talk to the family, because that time I didn’t know how to communicate to people without oral language.

So honestly I’ve been home sick for the first 3 days of my homestay. I missed comfy bed, tough roof and walls, sticky rice made by a rice cooker, clean water….

But after 3 days, my homestay brother who stayed with me, taught how to get a school, translated, kind of babysitter during homestay term. He told me, “You need to communicate the family more.” After I was told that, I tried to be flexible and active, ’cause I thought it’s up to me whether these just 7 days will be precious and valuable for me or not.

And I tried to have chat to them and look around. Not to think negatively. And I realized. Even homestay mother cannot speak English, she always smile at me. Her cooking is so delicious. Every morning, when I woke up, she prepared a cup of coffee and let me try different traditional breakfast. The homestay father tried to talk to me after his long shift of work. Because of the chickens, I can awake same time every morning and can feel the beautiful moment of early morning.

The last day of staying in a bamboo house with the warm-hearted people, I was sad to leave the family and back to the share house for the organization.

As for the stay in the Philippines, because of the huge gap of the culture shock and homesick changed me. I still feel it clearly. After the Philippines, I have no fear to go anywhere.

When you put yourself to totally different environment, you could feel something different. And you might be able to change. Only you need is a bit of courage for challenge.




正直に、僕がフィリピンに行った時は、本当に全く英語を話せなかった。話せて”Hello.” “How are you?” “Good, bad.”程度。












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