Edward Joseph Snowden

July 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

I think there are quite severe argument for and against.

But I am clearly for him.

I know terrorism is quite fear these days. But how come only handful people can watch all people through devices that most o people have lately. The biggest disappointment is they implemented that without asking or warning people and that was totally classified. That is absolutely nonsense. I think that is the point what people are furious. There is no fucking human right for people. I totally agree to him. I do not want to live with being monitored.

Speaking of his action, I admire him and respect him. He was still 29. He had a life, a girlfriend. If he didn’t attempt that, he would have a normal life. But he chose the risky dangerous path to believe his belief.  If he couldn’t make it, he would have assassinated secretly. He bet his whole life for people’s human right.

Someday I want to meet him.

The world is going to move little by little.



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