Since I moved to New Zealand and started to work, I changed my daily routine. Well, I said changed, but technically I have not had an exact daily routine since I graduated high school. Basically I sleep late about passed 12 or 1 and wake up just an hour before my schedule and if I do not have any plans in the morning, I just keep sleeping before noon.

But I wanted change my days more efficient. Because I always felt when I wake up late, a half of my day is over. That is so unproductive. And also the reason I could not change right away was I was moving a lot for the last several months and I had to get use to the time lag. But finally I settled down and decided to change my daily routine.

My new daily routine is to wake up 4:30am, go to gym for workout from 5:00 to 6:00, leave for work by 7:30, get back to home by 6:00pm, dinner between 6:00 to 7:30, read or watch Netflix and go to bed at 9:00pm and have 7.5 hours sleep. This is my weekday’s routine.

But not everybody can change own daily routine instantly and wake up 4:30 easily. I often struggle to wake up at 4:30, when I am so tired because of the work of day before or sick or body condition is not same everyday. There is up and down. So far, to be honest more than a half of a week is successful waking up 4:30, but not every single day. But I am trying.

There are many befits for waking up 4:30. I can do workout, never be late to work, when I arrive at work, I would be completely awake, and the best thing is it feels so much better than waking up late. Although It’s just my personal opinion, there is no negative sides in waking up 4:30 but there is some in waking up late. So It feels like it’s a right thing to do.

My goal is,  one day I can wake up at exactly 4:30 every single day without alarm just like my body remembers to do so.








July is the middle of winter out here in New Zealand. For me, coming from Northern Hemisphere, it feels so strange having totally opposite season.

The weather of the winter of Auckland is crazy. Everybody says it’s crazy. Rainy, sunny, rainy, cloudy, the weather changes many times in a day. Also the temperature. In the morning it is freaking cold and need a thick jacket and a scarf, but it turns out to be quite warm in the midday, like only a T-shirt is enough. But sometimes it’s so cold all day. The weather cast is quite untrustful here. It bother me to pick a cloth everyday. The huge temperature difference made me sick since few weeks ago and still unrecovered.  But the sick man is not only me. At work, teachers and kids are all sick. Half of kids are having runny nose and sneezing everyday. The collaboration of those two makes my sickness untreatable.

Speaking of my preference of climate compare to Vancouver where more than half of a year is rainy all day long, maybe I prefer Auckland. Because even so many rain out here, I still can see the sun often between rain and rain, when rain clouds moved away. Although it’s still hard to get used to this crazy weather.




It was just three years ago, I went to Philippines which was the first time I went to overseas by myself and it changed my life forever.

Every year in June, I think about the Philippines. To be honest, it was not all just happy time. Homesick, culture shock, struggling language, it was a really tough time. But I found many things that I couldn’t have found in my country. Now I can say that time I spent in Philippines was glorious and also bitterness of my last teenage year.

It’s been three years and right now I am in New Zealand somehow. When I was 18, I was thinking things go well as I plan. But I learned it’s not true most of the times. There are so many things that I need to, want to learn. So many things that I don’t know out there. Everyday living in my life, what I feel is my ignorance. Everyday learning and struggling. I guess there is no short cut in life.





それと、長くいるつもりでシェアハウスに移ったのだが、ここでまた僕のbad luck。日本人と他のアジア人もいると聞いて決めたのだが、実際は5人日本人、1人香港人。そして1人の日本人がボス気取りで毎日のようにパーティー、ドラッグ。それが2amを過ぎても。いるんだよね、こういう海外に出てきて調子にのる日本人って。uncool。別に何しようが人の勝手だから良いけど、シェアハウスのリビングを占領して毎晩好き勝手に騒がれるのには我慢できず、丁度仕事探しにも苦戦していたところで動くことにした。
27/03/2018 I moved to Adelaide from Melbourne.
I was thinking to stay for a long in Melbourne, but unexpectedly that was hard to find a job. That is a big reason. I thought there is a lot of job vacancies in such a big city Melbourne. But the truth is many people think like that and move to Melbourne for seeking a job. Also Melbourne is a too nice city according to some reputations. So the demand of job does not balance with the number of job seekers. Although if you do not choose a type of job, you could get one quite possibly.
I moved to a shared house for assuming long stay. But here my bad luck comes. I heard there are Japanese and other nationalities living. In fact, 5 Japanese and only one Honking guy who is really quiet. The thing is one of the Japanese guys is so bossy and he does whatever he wants. He uses the house like its his. Every night he invites his friends and have a party, taking drugs, drinking even beyond 2am. That was so disgusting and annoying, also I do not like bossy guy. I do not care what people do. But I can not live with like them under the same roof. That was also the trigger of my moving.
僕がメルボルンの1番好きなところは、週末になるとYarra River沿いのレストラン通りのいたるところで路上演奏があり、タダで音楽を聴きながらゆっくりとRiverの側を歩くこと。
14/03/28, I moved to Melbourne. The first impression when I walked in downtown was the crowd of people that reminded me Tokyo. When I walk on the street, I have to avoid bumping to people. It is been a while to feel the business. But I feel comfortable in Melbourne as I heard Melbourne is the best city in the world. The cityscape is beautiful everywhere, there are many amazing, artistic buildings, and the atmosphere is not so tense and busy.
There is also nice quietness in suburb. That does not make me feel I am in Melbourne that is the second biggest city in Australia.
Speaking of the prices, If you cook at home, that does not cost a lot, I guess. Some kinds of fruits and vegetables are really expensive. But the seasonable kinds and Australian ones are reasonable. The hardest thing living in Melbourne is transportation cost. Weekly bus pass is for about  $40. That is almost double price of  Vancouver.  And also I wanted to go to a gym as I used to go in Canada, but most of gyms start up from $100 monthly plus one time only membership registration fee. That was just $30 in Canada. So I feel really expensive going to a gym here. That is why I give up working out at gym and do some at home instead. Moreover, a movie ticket was $10 in Perth everyday. So I thought that is $10 to watch a movie everywhere in Australia. I felt so happy. Then I went to a cinema i Melbourne expecting to pay just $10. But, but that was  about $24 or something. 3D or IMAX are ore than that. Too expensive. I think Tuesday is a discount day like in Canada. So I think I just go to a cinema on Tuesday. Personally speaking, Perth is a great city at that point.
My most favourite thing in Melbourne is walking along river with listening street music for free on weekends.


14/03/18, I moved to Melbourne.
At first, I was planning to settle down in Perth, find a job and live for a long. But I thought the city of Perth is a bit small and it might be hard to find a job. Which means it is limited what I can do out there. Moreover, the big reason of the movement is Perth is too hot for me. And I heard when you go to more south side, the climate is cooler.
I decided to go to a bigger city and got two options. One is Sydney, and the other one is Melbourne. I felt like Sydney is too urban for me, so I chose going to Melbourne that is the second biggest city in Australia.

Perth/ パース

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ダウンタウンを歩くと平日の日中でも多くの人を見かけた。ダウンタウンの岸から眺める景色は素晴らしかった。ダウンタウンから電車で30分ぐらいのところのFremantle にはBathers Bayというビーチがあり、そこは水が透き通っていてとても綺麗だった。
For a week from 08/03/18 to 14/03/18, I was in Perth, Australia where is West side Australia. I have heard that Perth has been chosen one of the most beautiful cities in the world and lots of nature left and very quiet city. So I expected Perth would be a perfect city for me who do not prefer a big, busy city.
First impression of Perth is Hot. Although March is about the end of summer in Australia. Perhaps because of the hot climate, the cityscape of Perth seems like the Philippines or tropical countries for me. There were only houses and nothing else near the place where I was staying out there, I had to walk down to a train station for 20 minutes under the sun. That was really hot and I got sweat a lot by just walking to the station to get to the central city.
There were many people in downtown even in weekdays. Not as much as Vancouver though. The view from the shore of downtown was so nice. There is a Bathers Bay Beach in Fremantle where is about 30 minutes by a train from downtown. The water was so clear and the beach was so clean. That was spot beautiful.
My personal best thing in Perth is a movie thicket is everyday just $10. How wonderful it is.
Out of downtown in Perth, it is so quiet and there is not much things. But I thought it is a great place for living peacefully. But I felt I prefer coldness than hotness.
I actually tuned to a vegetarian since a half year ago, just when I left Canada for the journey in South America. However, as you know, meat is staple in many of countries in South America. So I had been eating a chicken everyday for a couple months in Columbia. I did not like to eat it. I had no choice out there for survive. I do not have a strong resistance to eating a fish so far, but I do not prefer to eat it either. If a fish is served for me at some occasions, I take it as an appreciation. Nevertheless in such a small village of Columbia, meat is a staple food and all people eat meat almost every meal from breakfast to dinner in that village. Even except poke and beef, I had to compromise to eat chicken at least.

Since I got back to Canada, I could get anything from super stores, and I could manage my diet. So I stopped eating any meat since then.
Let’s talk about the reason I became a vegetarian and my theory of being a vegetarian.
In this 21st century, how many people kill animals and slaughter by themselves and eat those? Especially in those countries that are running on the top of capitalism such as Japan, US, Canada, how many people have ever slaughtered by their hands and eaten the meat?
About 3 years ago, when I went to the Philippines, I saw slaughtering a pig right in infant of me for the first time.The pig yelped with fear of dead and pain. The pig was cut its throat by the hands of Philippinos and tuned to a dinner for all staffs out there including Japanese volunteer people after all. Few of young female Japanese volunteers were crying when they saw the slaughter. I actually did not like the taste of poke since a kid and after the vivid scene. I could not eat it at all.(The picture of the pig is below.) However, I did not turn to a vegetarian right after seeing the vivid slaughter. For the two years after then, I was still eating meat. The thing is I did not know the thought of vegetarian or vegan until I went to Canada.
I actually did not like any meat until 18 year-old when I start to work in the food-service industry. My mother was always worried about me avoiding to eat meat, she tried to let me eat meat somehow all the time. But since started to work at an Italian restaurant, I was taken to eat out at many kind of restaurant by my colleagues, and gradually my residence of eating meat was gone. When I went to Canada, I met so many people who have the thought of Vegetarian and Vegan for the first time in my life.
In Canada, there are so many Vegetarians and Vegans, caring about them at the scene of meal is considered etiquette. Throughout meeting many those people and getting to know about their thought of vegetation and vegan, I was gradually thinking like why I am eating meat even I do not like it, I have never even killed any animals by my hands, I do not even want to kill them. Moreover that brought the memory of the pig seen in the Philippines. One day when I realized, I got the feeling of residence about eating meat and turned to a vegetarian.
That is just my own theory and I think each person who is vegetarian or vegan has own theory or reason why they do not eat meat like majority of people do. And also those people who eat meat have own opinion for it as well, I guess. I do not say do not eat meat. That is a personal choice. But I just want to say one thing to people who eat meat, do slaughter animal by yourself, feel what you feel then decide wether you eat meat or not. That is what I strongly think.
Some people say that is a nature affair and no surprises on human hunt and eat other animal, that is survival affair. But this is 21 century. In this century, especially in urban core, there are plenty of options for diet without eating meat. The world has already changed. In this modern century, we have agriculture as one of options, people could live healthily avoiding to eat meat if we flourish agriculture more. The important thing is each person decide what they eat before putting it in their mouth without thinking.

It’s been a couple months to upload my blog.
In fact, in the past 2 months, I was back in Vancouver where I was used to. I applied for a working holiday visa, but I did not know whether I can stay for a long until visa comes. And also I wanted to spend some time thinking alone. So I did not contact all friends in Van since I got back.
I was planning to work as an ece (early childhood educator) again for a while. While I was waiting for the visa, I was researching about where I work,and I was occasionally asked for a babysitter and I helped my fiend’s daycare sometimes. I thought that Canada ‘s working holiday visa comes down quickly, but that did not happen and I had to leave by the expiration day of the last visa. So I was thinking a lot about where I will go next. After researching countries where working holiday visa can be taken, I decided to go to Australia. Because Australia allows to get a visa by online and that takes really quickly and easily. So I could come without returning to Japan once. According to my research, prices are a bit high in Australia, but the hourly wages are quite good, so I could save some money. I was always thinking that I want to go to Australia one day, so I thought it was the timing.
Actually, I was also thinking going back to Japan for a while, stay at my friend’s house and work for a half year for saving money. So I told that my mother. But she said, “Once you return to Japan, you will forget English and Spanish that you learned, so do not come back to Japan. Go either in French or Spanish or wherever you can get a visa and stay. Go to another country and stay abroad. ” Suddenly It seemed foolish thatI was having a heady idea of ​​whether she would be pleased when I tell her coming back to home country after a long absence. About three years ago, it was her who strongly pushed my back when I first decided to go to the Philippines, for the first time of going abroad.


It may be England that you first imagine when you hear London (I did), but I have been in London, Ontario, Canada. About 3 hours away from Toronto. You can also go from London to Detroit in the United States in about three hours.
I think that there are some people who think of London is Justin Bieber’s hometown (I was one of them), but when I asked a Canadian, Justin was born as a hospital in London but as soon as he was born, he moved to Stratford which is just an hour away from London. So Justin is not a Londoner (a person who is born in London).
The town is very quiet, downtown is also quite small compared to Vancouver and Toronto. However, there are two big shopping malls, so you do not have to worry about shopping. It seems that there are many retired people live there. Those who retire and want to live quietly in order to spend their old age. So I have seen lots of old people. Because of that, it was very peaceful and people were kind, and I felt like time was passing slowly. I do not want to live in too much rural or also too countryside with nothing there. I do not like people in Tokyo and Toronto who are chased by time and cold. That’s why London was very comfortable for me. However, the problem was there are few buses. That is a difficulty. I had to walk 20 minutes to the nearest bus stop and wait for mostly 30 minutes for a bus. Canada’s winter in the east side is rather tough. The average temperature in winter in London is minus 10 degrees or less. While walking in the snowstorm at -15, it is rather tough to walk the snow road and wait for the bus. How jealous I felt to those people who uses only a car everyday… Well, it was a good experience for me to feel the taste of winter in Canada compare to Vancouver ‘s warm  climate.
Following 2 months in London, considering transportation, work and network, I finally decided to leave London and going back to Vancouver. I thought it would be the best for me for now.